Take the profit before taxes as the net income

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Suppose a company had total assets of $10 million and gross sales of $1 million in 2013. The cost-of-goods-sold was $0.3 million and the administrative expenses totaled $0.2 million in the same year. Take the Profit before Taxes as the net income. What was the company's ROA ratio in 2013?

Reference no: EM13898973

Accessories to hobbyists who restore antique model trains

Marti Baron operates The Cannonball, an online store that sells parts, repair kits, books, and accessories to hobbyists who restore antique model trains. Many models train hob

A quality characteristic has design specification

A quality characteristic has a design specification (in cm) of 0.200 ± 0.020. If the actual process value of the quality characteristic is at the boundary of the tolerance on

Common stock of gold corp will pay a dividend

The next year the common stock of Gold Corp will pay a dividend of 2.10 per share. If the company is growing at a rate of 4.03 percent per year and your required rate of retur

Creates pressure-treated utility poles from pine logs

Link’s Lumber creates pressure-treated utility poles from pine logs bought from several surrounding pine plantations. At the Link's Lumber operation, a batch of 100 pine logs

The total cost of hiring and layoff

A company has the following forecast demand for the next 6 months: Suppose inventory, stock outs, overtime and subcontract in aren't allowed. Only hiring and layoffs are allow

What is the break-even quantity in this make-or-buy decision

A U.S. company is currently producing a product in house with a yearly fixed cost of $4 million and a variable cost of $5 per unit. A Chinese subcontractor can produce the pro

How key requirements for customer support services

Which Baldrige criteria requires the applicant to document how key requirements for customer support services are defined and how these support processes are designed to achie

Use of youtube video to promote its products

Assume you are a consultant to TopSpin, a tennis equipment manufacturerer that sells it products directly to customers on the Web. TopSpin is considering the use of YouTube vi


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