Take a latent print from an area within your home

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Part 1: Using your forensic kit, perform and then describe in a 1-2 page paper the steps you will follow to:

Identify and classify your own rolled, inked fingerprint impressions.

Take a latent print from an area within your home.

Compare your fingerprint to the latent fingerprint found within your home.

Part 2: Use SmartDraw to sketch a crime scene for the given scenario. Provide the location where you found latent fingerprints. Identify how many fingerprints you found around the crime scene were known fingerprints-those of the home tenants-or were undetermined.

Make sure to mark each piece of evidence as you create the crime scene.

Scenario: At 6:58 p.m., police is called to a one-story house at 123 Elm Street. When the police arrive, they notice the back door is wide open. The back door leads to the living room, where the police officer notices several pieces of furniture tipped over. Several electronic items are missing, including a television, which was sitting on a TV stand on the far left side of the room, according to the tenants. On further investigation, a digital camera is missing; it was sitting on the bookshelves toward the front right side of the room, and an iPod that was laying on one of the tipped-over end table toward the center of the room is missing as well. While searching the rest of the house, the police discover that in one of the bedrooms, used as an office, there is broken glass from a broken window, and a laptop is missing.

Reference no: EM131073156

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