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This deliverable will require you to synthesize information gained from analysis.  Synthesizing information allows you to generate alternatives that can resolve significant problems or challenges facing an organization. 

Once the best alternative is identified, from an evaluation based on predetermined criteria and goals, you then explore implementation actions.

For this deliverable, you will select an organization of your choice and identify ONEproblem or challenge facing the organization.  You will use and follow this format to identify a solution to the problem.  Please use APA formatting as needed, especially for citations (paraphrasing).

Step 1: Gaining Familiarity

  1. In general - determine who, what, how, where, and when of the problem.
  2. In detail - identify the places, persons, activities, and contexts of the situation.
  3. Recognize the degree of certainty/uncertainty of information.

Step 2: Recognizing Symptoms

  1. List all indicators (including stated "problems") that something is not as expected or as desired.
  2. Ensure that symptoms are not assumed to be the problem (symptoms should lead to identification of the problem).

Step 3: Identifying goals

  1. Identify critical statements by major parties (for example, people, groups, the work unit, and so on).
  2. List all goals of the major parties that exist or can be reasonably inferred.


Step 4: Conducting the Analysis

  1. Decide which ideas, models, or theories seem useful.
  2. Apply these conceptual tools to the situation.
  3. As new information is revealed, cycle back to substeps a and b.

Step 5: Making the Diagnosis

  1. Identify predicaments (goal inconsistencies).
  2. Identify problems (discrepancies between goals and performance.
  3. Prioritize predicaments/problems regarding timing, importance, and so on.

Step 6: Dong the Action Planning

  1. Specify and prioritize the criteria used to choose action alternatives.
  2. Discover or invent feasible action alternatives.
  3. Examine the probable consequences of action alternatives.
  4. Select a course of action.
  5. Design an implementation plan/schedule.
  6. Create a plan for assessing the action to be implemented.

You will submit a written proposal that must contain all these elements.  Conduct the necessary research on-line and use credible sources to help you address these elements.  Your final paper MUST be at least 5 pages.

You will be graded on how well you analyze and synthesize research obtained and identified. Each team member will receive the same grade for the written project; however, the grade will be adjusted, if needed, according to team member feedback.  Each student is expected to be an equal contributor to his or her team.

Reference no: EM13860913

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