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Swimmer's Pool and Patio Supply

John Jr., has graduated from a local university with a degree in industrial management and joined his father's company as executive vice-president of operations.  Dad wants to John to prove himself and decided to assign a project to John.  20% of the company's sales are derived from sale of swimming pool kits for homes.  The company does not install these kits, buyers have to find their own installing experts.  John Sr. has asked John Jr. to determine whether or not they should get into that business. 

John Jr. remembered a method called the work breakdown structure (WBS) that he thought might serve as a useful tool to estimate costs.  Also, the use of such tool can be passed along to the site supervisor to help evaluate the performance of work crews.  Help John Jr. to create a WBS and come up with a cost estimate for installing home swimming pool kits at the front-yard or back-yard of homes. 

1) Prepare a WBS which indicates all the deliverables of installing swimming pool kits at homes.

2) Assign an approximate duration and cost for each WBS element.

3) List what are risks that can be identified in this project.

Reference no: EM131182940

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