Sustainable entrepreneurship in west african countries

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The title is "Sustainable Entrepreneurship in West African Countries" 1. Introduction/Background: Briefly summarise current research in your area of interest. 2. Aims and objectives of the research: What question(s) or problem is your research seeking to answer? Why do you think this project is worth doing? 3. Research design: What information is required? What major methods or procedures will be used to collect and analyse the information (if applicable)? These points might also assist: What is the precise nature of your research? What else has been written on the topic? What will your study add to the body of knowledge on the subject? How will your study be original?

Reference no: EM13938710

Executive summary and a project plan

As a culminating project, this assignment has two parts: an executive summary and a project plan created in either MS Project (PC) or Apple Merlin (MAC). Those experiencing

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For the next 2 years, they took in $40,000 inrevenue each year, paid themselves $10,000 annually each,and rented an office for $18,000 per year. Prior to the investment,thei

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Explain the relationship between leadership and control. Explain what is meant by the phrase "in the flow." Identify and explain two methods or ways to increase skill and comp

Select a topic to research. you may only use google scholar

Select a topic to research. You may only use Google Scholar or the GCU e-library. Use Lecture 2 for a description of what is considered a scholarly article. Use APA formatting

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Review the article Note-Taking Strategies for Online Students and explain the note-taking methods that you feel will work best for you. Do you feel this method may change ba

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1. What would be your levels of expectancy? Which outcomes would have high valence for you on this job? 2. What steps would your manager take to make sure you feel that you w

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A company plans a new issue of bonds with a par value of $1,000, a maturity of 20 years, and a semi-annual coupon rate of 16.0%. Currently, the bond is selling for $842.00. Th

History of any economy in the world

Think about what you know about the history of any economy in the world. what country? what time period? Discuss one change that boosted the efficiency of labor (E) in that


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