Sustainable and effective use of health care information

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Application: Sustainable and Effective Use of Health Care Information Systems

Once an information system is implemented, it is important that an organization's leadership demonstrate a continued commitment to that system through rigorous and routine support and maintenance. An effective information technology governance structure supports the continual monitoring, upkeep, and enhancement of an organization's systems, thereby extending their functional life and promoting their continued relevance and usability.

To preparefor this Application Assignment, using the Walden Library database, conduct a literature review on the sustainable and effective use of information systems. Aliterature reviewshould be a summary and critical evaluation of scholarly articles, books, dissertations, and conference proceedings. The Walden Library and academic, government, or professional association Web sites are indispensable resources. Then, review the perspectives on this topic that were offered by the presenters in this week's course media.

To complete this Application Assignment,write a 1- to 2-page paper describing at least two of the processes and techniques that a health care organization can employ to promote the sustainable and effective use of its information systems by its staff and by its health care providers.

Reference no: EM131171604

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