Surrogate motherhood arrangement
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Mrs. Jones agreed to a surrogate motherhood arrangement in which she would give up the child at birth to Mr. and Mrs. Smith. She was inseminated with Mr. Smith's sperm, and the baby was born on May 5, 2000. The baby was turned over to the Smiths on May 8th. The next day, the Smiths temporarily returned the baby when Mrs. Jones threatened suicide if they didn’t. The Smiths contacted their attorney and the infertility clinic for guidance. When they returned to the Jones' residence to pick up the baby, they found that Mrs. Jones had escaped to another state. Two months later she and the baby were located by a private detective, and the baby was returned to the Smiths. Both parties are now fighting for custody. Who should have legal custody of the baby? A physician has been using his own sperm for artificially inseminating his patients. Many children were conceived as a result of this physician’s sperm having been implanted into the mothers, who all requested an anonymous donor. Some of his office staff become suspicious of the physician's methods, but they fail to report their suspicions immediately for fear of losing their job. You are the receptionist and are convinced that this is happening.

What is/ are the ethical questions?

What are the facts? known and to be granted?

What are the values at stake in this scenario? Stakeholder? Obligation/interest?

What are the options for the case?

What should I do core value and decision?

What justifies my choice? Reasons to support, based on values or not justifies?

How could this ethical problem have been prevented?

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