Surface/volume ratio relate to efficiency of metabolism

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How exactly does surface/volume ratio relate to efficiency of metabolism?  Although most prokaryotes  are very small compared to eukaryotic cells, there are a few known giant bacteria.  Epulopiscium fishelsoni, for instance is over 0.5 mm long and is visible to the naked eye.  Do you think these bacteria reproduce relatively quickly or slowly compared to more typical bacteria?   


Reference no: EM13991064

Explain this physiological phenomenon in terms of a light

When Tammy Byrd first entered a dark room she could not see well. In fact, she was momentarily blind. With time, however, her vision improved and was able to discern her sur

Custom marketing strategy

Custom Marketing Strategy: What product(s) is valued by each generation: GI Generation, Mature/Silent Generation, Baby Boomer Generation, Gen X, Gen Y/Millennials, and Gen Z/G

Find out the order of the genes on the chromosome

Organize the genotype in the table, define the origin (parental, single cross-over progeny and double-crossover progeny) and find out the order of the genes on the chromosome.

Black hole-binary system

The singularity of a black hole doesn't exist since all black holes have a finite size is located at the center of the event horizon is found on the surface of the event hor

Membrane lipid problem

Which of the following is NOT a membrane lipid? wether during mitosis ormeiosis , sister chromatids are held together by proteins referredto as cohesions. Such molecules must

Dominant gene produces spotted body color

In rabbits, a dominant gene produces spotted body color, and itsrecessive allele solid body color. Another dominant gene produces short hair, andits recessive allele long ha

Target site direct repeatupon insertion

Most LTR-retrotransposons create a 5-bp target site direct repeatupon insertion. Using the diagram below write out the 5-bp targetsite direct repeat for the inserted LTR-ret

A very detailed study guide of the electron transport chain

Could you provide me with a very detailed study guide of the Electron Transport Chain (e.g. how many hydrogens are needed for each process in ATP Synthase, such as how many H+


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