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Supreme Celery Corporation manufactures four celery based products. Floods and fire on the west coast are going to cause a shortage of celery for Supreme next month. Information related to the four celery products that it produces are shown below. The numbers relate to the cost per case and the amount of celery per case of product:

Jelly Cracker Spread Soup Snack Bars
Sales Price 40 32 35 65
VC 34 22 27 50
Pounds of celery required
18 20 28 38

To maximize profit next month, in what order would it be best for Supreme to schedule production (first to last)?

A. Jelly, Snack Bars, Cracker Spread, Soup
B. Cracker Spread, Snack Bars, Jelly, Soup
C. Snack Bars, Jelly, Soup, Cracker Spread
D. Jelly, Cracker Spread, Soup, Snack Bars

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