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Suppose a transmission channel operates at 3 Mbps and that it has a bit error rate of 10-3.Bit errors occur at random and independent of each other.Suppose that the following code is used.To transmit a 1, the codeword 111 is sent;To transmit a 0, the codeword 000 is sent. The receiver takes the three received bits and decides which bit was sent by taking the majority vote of the three bits.Find the probability that the receiver makes a decoding error.

Reference no: EM131299843

Data communication technologies of guided media

Compare and contrast the data communication technologies of guided media and unguided media. This should include transmission media, data link control protocols, and multipl

Recursive function to print the arrangements

Warm-up Assignment You are given R red marbles and B blue marbles. Your task is to arrange the R + B marbles in a line such that certain restrictions are satisfied (see belo

Enter the moviename into an array named movies

Enter the MovieName into an array named movies and QuantityonHand into an array named MovieQuantity The information for the movies is stored in the ITP100MovieData_LastName fi

Describe how the digital forensics function complements

Describe how the digital forensics function complements the overall security efforts of the organization. Evaluate the operational duties of digital forensic personnel and how

What is its steady-state temperature

If the surface emissivity is 1.0 and the surface is not exposed to the sun, what is its steady-state temperature? If the surface is exposed to a solar flux of , and its abso

How many fingers would you expect martians to have

A flying saucer crashes in a Nebraska cornfield. The FBI investigates the wreckage and finds an engineering manual containing an equation in the Martian number system: 325 +

Logging in to omnymbus

STEP 1: Logging in to Omnymbus Back to Top •Look at your email account to obtain the MySQL/Omnymbus account and password that your Professor has emailed to you. •To help yo

How these tools support decision-making

Investigate whether your organization, college, or university uses data mining technologies. If found, describe the type of data mining tools used and discuss how these tool


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