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SPL Family is preparing to initiate a program whereby employees may participate in a telework program. We anticipate that implementation of the program will begin sometime next quarter. To qualify for this program, an employee must secure the approval of his superior and also meet specific criteria. It has been learned that companies can realize substantial savings from the implementation of telework, such as savings from reduced use of energy and other office resources, reduced need for office space and employees have less absenteeism and higher productivity. In order to qualify for the telework program, employees must meet the following criteria: must own a company-installed licensed application, communication, and security software, and secured wireless Intenret connectivity, must agree to work in the office a minimum of three days per week, must submit time and expense reports daily instead of weekly, and personnel must be within a job classification approved for teleworking. Please see your supervisor if you are interested in this program. He will assist you in assessing whether teleworking is a good option for you. SPL Family Enterprises is pleased to offer this new program to it’s employees who qualify and will continue to be supportive of a flexible innovative work environment.

Your assignment will include:

a. Readability analysis for the original document.

b. Revised document.

c. Readability analysis for the revised document.

Reference no: EM13857847

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