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1. Supplying operations with parts and materials, performing work on products, and/or performing services are part of the firm's:

market development.


internal supply chain.

division of labor.

external process orientation.

2. Which of the following best describes needs assessment?

A. A combination of employee characteristics and positive work environment that permit training

B. An application that automates the administration and delivery of a company's training program

C. A process that evaluates the monetary needs of employees that will motivate them to undertake a training program

D. The process of evaluating the organization, individual employees, and employees' tasks to determine what kinds of training are necessary

3. Arif is the leader of a small group of human resources professionals. Two of the staff members, Nina and Bohan, disagree about the leadership traits that Arif displays in their work situation. This disagreement describes which of the main criticisms of the trait approach?

A. high subjectivity

B. century of research

C. lack of leadership emergence

D. usefulness in training and development

4. Which of the five satisfaction facets is most likely to be viewed as undesirable by an employee?

pay satisfaction

satisfaction with the work itself

coworker satisfaction

supervision satisfaction

promotion satisfaction

5. Which of the following is a consequence of high job identity?

The employee rarely feels a sense of monotony or repetition.

The employee feels free from scheduling and sequencing of work activities.

The employee does work that has a positive impact on society.

The employee feels annoyed about not getting a job finished.

The employee receives constant information about how they're performing

6. Attitude surveys can be used to explore the effectiveness of major job changes.

True or False

Reference no: EM132279724

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