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In companies that use many separate sources to manufacture, create, ship, and sell products, organizational functions such as supply chain management are essential. If a company wants to be competitive and earn higher profits, all aspects of the supply chain must be utilized effectively to lower costs while still producing high-quality products.

Write a paper that defines supply chain management and describes how Starbucks has effectively used this process to lower costs and remain at the highest level when it comes to the quality of their products.

Your paper must include 

  • Introduction
  • Definition of Supply Chain Management
  • The Evolution of Supply Chain Management and its Effects on Starbucks
  • How Starbuck’s Supply Chain Supports its Vision and Mission
  • Definition of Starbuck’s Strategic Positioning 
  • Conclusion
  • References

Words Limit: 3500

References: Required, proper text referencing, and biography required in report

Reference no: EM131063575

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