Supply chain flexibility and supply chain quality management
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According to the literature, there are four types of logistics/supply chain performance indicators.

They are supply chain efficiency, supply chain responsiveness, supply chain flexibility and supply chain quality management.

In addition, there are several logistics/supply chain practices to improve the logistics/supply chain performance. They are continuous improvement, strategic supplier partnerships, customer relationships, lean six sigma, agile supply chain, innovation and information sharing, demand forecasting and inventory management. Please see Figure 1.

Please provide critical analysis on the recent literature review in logistics/supply chain performance indicators and logistics/supply chain practices. To support your answer, you may use any examplesfrom Australian Companies.

Please note: you need to choose two logistics/supply chain performance indicators and three logistics/supply chain practices.


Figure 1. Logistics/Supply Chain Practices and Logistics/Supply Chain Performance Indicators

Students need to use adequate sources/references from academic research or journal/conference publications to support the arguments.


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