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Visit the websites of three large multinational companies like Walmart, Raytheon, UPS, and Home Depot and find information on their supply chain and logistics activities. Be creative in finding other companies as well. Summarize the supply chain philosophies of three companies of your choice. The post should be in the 250 words range.

Please choose UPS, Walmart and Home Depot.

Reference no: EM131427887

Internet transport services proposal using microsoft

You are a Network Engineer for an IT consulting company. Your current client is a software developer. Recently they created a software which is capable of file transfers, vo

Decreasing marginal benefit mb to consumers

Assuming decreasing marginal benefit MB to consumers for consumption of refined oil, increasing private cost MC to the oil company, and constant marginal health damages to s

Identify and discuss the different types of training modes

Identify and discuss the different types of training modes. Are employees receptive to the training? How does the organization encourage active participation in the trainin

Explain what are the skills required to keep the company

Explain What are the skills required to keep the company running and where are those skills found and what are the long term prospects for those skills

Western county bank is a small community bank

Western County Bank is a small community bank that makes a modest profit by providing small business and personal loans to customers within the county and surrounding areas.Fo

Off-shore oil platforms

Channing Oil Services (COS) is a company that supplies drilling equipment used on off-shore oil platforms. COS uses three different guidelines for determining the viability

Problem regarding the colloquial expressions

If you have difficulty recording, submit a full script in the notes section of your PowerPoint slides that reads the way the narration would have, had it been presented. You

Regularly monitor the bop of the country

1. Why should managers regularly monitor the BOP of the country in which their business operates? Use the USA and China as example for your response. Please cite y


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