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Need help with joining the two arrays

An employee has name, hours worked, pay rate, and department. A manager has name, salary, office location, and department supervised.

Create a console application with an array of five employees and an array of three managers. Use anonymous type to initialize both employees and managers with made up data.

Use LINQ to join the two arrays and create a new anonymous type with three properties: employee name, supervisor name, supervisor office, and department.

Use a foreach loop to display all employee names, their supervisor's name, and the supervisor's office location.

Using Microsoft visual studio.

Reference no: EM132281002

Probability of heavy- normal and light snowfalls

Brenda evaluates the probability of heavy, normal, and light snowfalls as 0.25, 0.6, and 0.15, respectively. So what must be size of the order you would suggest to Brenda?

Questionnaire for former and potential students

1. Design a questionnaire for former and potential students in SCR's training classes. Also, reply to Jesse's message about sampling. Give her a recommendation and reasons.

Derive transition table for asynchronous sequential circuit

Derive the transition table for the asynchronous sequential circuit shown in Fig. P9-2. Determine the sequence of internal states 1, Y, for the following sequence of inputs

Write a code to perform an lu decomposition

Write a code to perform an LU decomposition of the coefficient matrix [A] (given below) using L-U decomposition with Gauss elimination. Your code should output ILl and [U] a

How are sdlc processes supported in cmmi

Do CMMI standards support iterative software development? How are SDLC processes supported in CMMI? How are ISO standards different compared to other standards like CMM or I

True and false

A.  (True | False) In the MSP430's active mode, the MCLK and SMCLK clocks are up and running and ACLK is not running (it is turned off).

Replace the db contents by simply running the new script

The design will evolve over the next couple of projects, so make sure you can quickly modify the database schemata and replace the DB contents by simply running the new script

Example of a valid palindrome

A palindrome is a word that reads the same forward as it does backward. An example of a valid palindrome is the word "race car". An example of a word that is not a palindrom


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