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Super Performance Parts (SPP) produces braking devices exclusively for the Ace Motor Company, an automotive manufacturer. SPP has been leasing warehouse space at a public facility 20 miles from the company’s plant. SPP has been approached by a group of four other Ace suppliers with the idea of building a consolidated warehouse to gain transportation and material handling economies. An investment of $200,000 would be required by each of five companies to acquire the warehouse. Payment of the initialinvestment secures 10 years of participation in the agreement. Annual operating expenses are anticipated to be $48,000 for each party. SPP is currently charged $6,000 per month for use of the public warehouse facilities. SPP’s outbound transportation from the public warehouse often consists of LTL quantities. Its annual outbound transportation bill is currently $300,000. SPP expects consolidated warehousing to more fully utilize truckload quantities with transportation expenses shared among the supplier pool. SPP’s annual outbound bill would be reduced by 25% in the consolidated plan. Differences in inboundtransportation costs are assumed negligible in this case.

a . Compare the storage and shipping cost associated with consolidated warehousing as opposed to SPP’s current, direct shipping plan. Are any efficiencies apparent through consolidation?

b. Aside from potentially reducing costs, how else might SPP benefit by participating in the consolidated warehouse?

c. What disadvantages might exist in a consolidated warehouse as opposed to a direct-shipping situation?

Reference no: EM131375407

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