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The Problem: Typically, the late spring and summer months are the most popular times for personal travel. For the last five years, the top sales months have been April-August. This year, however, sales did not increase during these months. In fact, tours overall have decreased by 8 percent compared to last year.

This is true for most travel companies. Only 5 percent said they sold more tours, 10 percent said sales were the same, 35 percent said sales were somewhat lower, and 50 percent said they were significantly lower.

Quest expected adventure travel to increase substantially, but it remained steady compared to last year. Adventure travel includes exploring remote or exotic areas and engaging in activities such as hiking, parasailing, rafting, diving, and sailing.

Although Quest promoted popular European tours, sales for those tours are also flat. The most popular European destinations are France and Italy. Another problem is that tour operators in these countries are charging more for their services.

Quest also expected tour sales overall to increase by 5 percent as it has in previous years.

Quest surveyed its customers and found that they are delaying travel plans because of concerns about the economy, airline service, and security.

This means that plans to expand tours, staff, and the Quest Web site should be put on hold. Other expenses might need to be cut.

Revise the problem description to create a complete but concise problem statement.

Reference no: EM13870573

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