Summarize your general beliefs of what makes a good leader

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Question: Transformational leaders influence those around them and therefore have the potential to alter the culture of a unit or organization. Please address the following topics:

1. Summarize your general beliefs of what makes a good leader.

2. Regarding the transformational leadership skills discussed in our required article reading, how do you think your leadership style is perceived by others? (Boamah, S. A., Laschinger, H. K. S., Wong, C., & Clarke, S. (2018). Effect of transformational leadership on job satisfaction and patient safety outcomes. Nursing Outlook, 66(2), 180-189.)

3. What aspect of the TEACH values discussed in the lesson do you think would most benefit your work environment if adopted? (T- Teamwork, E -Energy, A- Accountability, C- Community, H- Heart).

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Reference no: EM132233957

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