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"The Chrysanthemums"

After reading a story, even one you have enjoyed, it's sometimes hard to put the impact of the story into words. To start, let's divide this task up into several steps.

Task One: First, try to summarize the plot of Steinbeck's story. Here, in 3 or 4 sentences, I'd like you to answer the question: "What happens in this story?" Try to summarize the main events of the story without going into every detail.

Task Two: Next, after considering the plot of the story, I'd like you to explore your feelings about these events. How does what happened in the story make you feel? What emotions does the author make you feel? Make a list of these feelings and then write a paragraph or two that summarizes your thoughts here.

Task Three: Now, with this work as a foundation, consider the issues in the story. What larger areas of concern does this story raise? These might be issues like revenge, prejudice, fate, tradition, or many other issues. Make a list of these general areas of concern that you think the story raises, and again, summarize your ideas in a paragraph or so.

Task Four: Finally, taking all of this work into account, I'd like you to consider the theme of John Steinbeck's story, "The Chrysanthemums." Remember that when we state the theme of a story, we are trying to state the impact of a story as precisely as possible. This statement usually includes two things: an issue and an author's comment on that issue. For example, if you think a story is about revenge, what does the author want you to believe about revenge? (Note: this comment is quite often implied, not stated. So you'll probably have to try to put the pieces of the story together.)

Example: In "The Cask of Amontillado," Edgar Allen Poe suggests that revenge is an insatiable hunger that finally devours everyone associated with it.

Now, try to state your interpretation of Steinbeck's theme. It's probably easier to explore your ideas in a paragraph or so, but, eventually, try to state your idea in one precise sentence. Please have this work ready for our next class.

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Reference no: EM131374406

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