Summarize the facts in narrative or outline form

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For this assignment, student is to write an analysis of the case study assigned in the course. Which is the case Study 41. Use the following outline as a guide to formulate the analysis:

• Major Facts: Summarize the facts in narrative or outline form. These should include the most important and pertinent incidents in the situation. Do not simply restate the entire case.

• Problem(s): The facts of the case reveal one or more problems that require attention. Indicate those problems and briefly explain their importance.

• Alternative Solutions & Probable Outcomes: A principle, "every action will have a reaction," pertains here. Analyze optional courses of action and probable outcomes of each. This is one of the most important parts of the analysis. Remember that a decision not to act or to do nothing is always an alternative. However, doing nothing also has repercussions-sometimes worse repercussions that any other action. Identify as many alternatives as possible, even if some appear far-fetched.

• Recommended Solution and Probable Outcome: In this section include the recommended action, justification for the action, how that action would be implemented, and the probable outcome(s). While some of this information has been included in previous sections, it is still important to present the recommendation in its final form and to justify its selection.

Source: Kilpatrick, A.O., & Johnson, J.A. (1999). Human resources and Organizational Behavior: Cases in Health Services Management, Chicago, IL: Health Administration Press.

Case 41 - Rural Health Care in Central Michigan

Case Contributor - Jessica Gardon Rose.

Reference no: EM131119276

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