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Planning, Budgeting and Control Project Assignment -


1. Summarize each journal article/paper focusing on the aims, methodology, and the results.

2. Compare the results of the papers.

3. References: Follow the APA style of formatting.

Please choose from the topics below:

  • Managers' Performance and Balanced Scorecard
  • Accounting and Strategic analysis
  • Budgeting for Cost Management and Zero-Base Budgeting
  • Balanced Score Card


The following titles/headings are just a suggestion and can be changed as per requirement.

1. Title Page

2. Introduction

3. Importance of the study

4. Literature Review

5. Analysis/Comparison

6. Conclusion

7. References

Reference no: EM132281036

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Submission deadline must be met. Students will give a brief presentation and the following criteria must be met to obtain optimum marks: Knowledge of the subject, Soft skills and Harmony among the group members. Please be informed that a plagiarism software "Turnitin" will be used. References: Follow the APA style of formatting.

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