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Case Study - Astra International: Building successful international business around fluxing national government policy.

Case questions-

1. Briefly summarise the political environment in Indonesia over the five periods.

2. Why has Astra International been so successful while operating under high levels of political and economic uncertainty?

3. What are the risks of doing business in emerging markets such as Indonesia, and how can they be reduced?

4. What did Astra International do to limit the impact of multinational firms operating in Indonesia?

5. If you were a foreign firm, would you consider doing business in Indonesia? Include your reasons in your response.

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The assignment has answered 5 questions on the case study of astra international. The questions are regarding international business, risks, key impact and reasons for doing business in Indonesia. the case study builds successful international business across fluxing national government policy. appropriate referencing is done in harvard style.

Reference no: EM131052201

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