Suicide bombers detontate explosives in backpacks

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At rockfeller center in newyork, five female suicide bombers detontate explosives in their backpacks, The attack killed 50 individual and injured over 100. the police were the first responds to the scene. what are the responsibilities of the police. And what can be done to minimize the attack.

Reference no: EM131375792

Authorizes the use of control orders for terrorists

Legislation has been introduced in the united state that authorizes the use of control orders for terrorists you have been hired to conduct an impact assement of their use. Wh

Different terms and conditions with no mention of price

James and Barbra Smith were negotiating to buy a house. Their offer was for $180,000. On June 6th The Smiths received a counteroffer from the seller containing different terms

Main goals of the organization is to maximize value of firm

For all organizations, especially public-traded companies, one of the main goals of the organization is to maximize the value of the firm. For part one of this discussion, dis

Describe job situation

Describe a job situation that you or someone you know may have experienced that presented an ethical dilemma. In addition, describe the process one should follow when making a

Hemorrhagic stroke in rural area

56-year-old man who has a hemorrhagic stroke in a rural area of Alaska. What services will he need through the duration of his recovery experience? Where will he receive care?

Financial management has close relationship to economics

Financial management has a close relationship to economics on the one hand and accounting on the other. For this discussion, provide specific examples of this relationship in

External environment of business organisations

Where product and service innovations are created from the internal and targeted at the external environment of business organisations, process innovations are targeted at the

Manufacturer of ready-to-eat cereal

Assume you are a marketing analyst working for a manufacturer of ready-to-eat cereal. You are given detailed sales data for the past year and asked to create a report showing


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