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A fast food chain of restaurants selling burgers, chicken and soft drinks is re-thinking how it will operate in the near future. Currently over the counter orders are slow and this is often due to customers making a slow decision on the food/drink they want to order or customers having a last-minute change of mind and having the order changed.

Increasing staffing costs and training are also an issue. The decisions made by the executive board are:

a) to reduce the number of over counter orders and this be replaced by ATM-like machines installed on the restaurant premises

b) to also install ATM-like order machines all over town so people could pre-order and pay for their order and then collect their meal at a restaurant of their choice later.

Question 1:

Write a well presented report for the above outlining the business operation. Do not use any trademarked restaurant name in your report.

Provide three recommendations that are well substantiated with journal literature and referenced correctly. (You may use the reasons above or use your own that supports this change)

Question 2:

Provide an alternative to the above suggestion of ATM-like machines to improve delivery options.

Provide suggestions into improving business service/operation offerings such as customer feedback, mobile ordering, etc, substantiated with current literature.

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Reference no: EM13705500

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