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M-Bike, Inc. is a Seattle based firm that supplies high-end mountain bikes. Consumers in Lalaland have recently discovered the joy of biking. Thus, M-Bike is considering expansion into Lalaland. M-Bike has hired you as a consultant to provide advice regarding their global expansion strategy. One particularly aggressive member of the top management team has been arguing a joint venture with a local (Lalalandian) company. This has been a fairly divisive issue and the CEO has asked you to provide her with some insights on the basic issues and challenges of forming the joint venture. In addition, what alternative ways could M-Bike consider in lieu of the joint venture option to expand into the Lalalandian market and what are the pros and cons of each option?

Reference no: EM13105874

Alternative for use of extensive nested if functions

You have been using a variety of nested IF functions to calculate costs in your spreadsheet when a colleague stops by and comments on what you have been working on, suggesting

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Why was radical design of business processes embraced so quickly and so deeply by senior managers of so many companies? In your opinion, and using hindsight, was its popularit

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The course project is a series of elements where you will examine the current standing of Google’s compensation system. Conduct an analysis on the current state of the compens

The task of top executives when the company faces

the task of top executives when the company faces disruptive changes in its environment is to not only raise questions about the appropriateness of its direction and strateg

Research on manufacturing technology and structure

Referring to Woodward’s research on manufacturing technology and structure, how would you categorize Honest Tea’s production? In what ways has this probably influenced the com

Strategic scope of the horizontal acquisition

In this case study you are to analyze the strategic scope of the horizontal acquisition by Verizon Communications (hereafter referred to as Verizon) of Verizon Wireless from V

Material from organization theory and development

How will you use the material from Organization Theory and Development? What in particular would you find applicable to your life? How do you envision using this information?

Sales assistant accidently deleted the sale data

Safe Spirit sells novelty hats in New York City. The company uses a simple mean to forecast monthly sales. The forecast of sales for month six was $5000 obtained by averaging


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