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Cultural differences can have a significant impact on business operations and cause harm when not properly managed. Mergers and acquisitions can create challenges due to cultural expectations on a national and organizational level. Often managers are expected to integrate their current focus into a larger project without understanding how to do so in a larger context. Communication and coaching are key concepts in ensuring a smooth transition.As the HR manager of Banks Industries, one of the issues you face with regard to the company's acquisition of a Chinese firm is presented in the following scenario:The operations manager from Banks in Centervale is used to having complete autonomy. However, on this project, he will have to work directly with the locally based manager in China and share decision making. The lead manager says that he wants to have the final say on all decisions as he knows how to align the project with the corporate strategies and objectives, something he has been doing for the past 30 years. The local manager mistrusts the corporate manager because he has been very vocal about not wanting to co-manage on the project.Review the scenario and your readings and address the following:

  • Suggest strategies or solutions to neutralize the situation so the project can move forward.
  • Develop a communication plan to coach both managers on how to work together to accomplish the organization's goals.

Write a report with minimum 500 words limit and make proper citation and referencing with minimum 3 references in end of the report/

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In recent times of globalization, trade and business exchange takes place across cultural lines. These global interactions have a very significant impact on human resources as employees are first to interact (Moran, Harris, & Moran, 2011). People from different cultural background face communication problems even if the language use to communicate is same. The similar situation is being faced by Banks Industries which have acquired the Chinese firm. In order to align the Chinese firm with the corporate strategies, it is very important to have effective communication between the two managers and to develop trust between them.

Reference no: EM131198087

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