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Answer the following questions in 100 words or more.

John has been suffering agonizing pain with each breath and has been informed by the physician that he has pleurisy. (a) Specifically, what membranes are involved in this condition?  (b) What is their usual role in the body?  (c) Explain why John's condition is so painful.

Reference no: EM131051940

What is your estimate of the number of meadow mice in field

You trap meadow mice in a hay field, and place ear tags on 45 individuals. A week later, you trap meadow mice in the same field, capturing 74 animals. Of these, 13 had ear

State what is the correct anticodon sequences for serine

Assuming that cells use the minimum possible number of tRNAs, how many tRNAs are there that carry tyrosine (tyr), and what are their anticodon sequences? Do the same for ser

What the ph of of cytosol at that time

Colchicine causes disassembly of microtubules. What result (if any) may you see on a giant algal cell in which cytoplasmic streaming is occurring.

Introduction of the disease

What genetic diseases or problems were determined to be potential issues? Provide an introduction of the disease, outlining the major signs/symptoms of the disorder and the r

Lump sum in the first period

Suppose that δ = 0. Using the equations in (e), show that the consumer makes all planned durable purchases in one lump sum in the first period, and absent shocks, makes no f

List conditions that would alter the activity of an enzyme

UMUC Biology 102/103- How could you test to see if an enzyme was completely saturated during an experiment? List three conditions that would alter the activity of an enzyme. B

Briefly explain why rna is usually single-stranded

Draw a chain of 2 RNA nucleotides. Use R for the nitrogenous bases. Then, briefly explain why RNA is usually single-stranded and why it is less stable than DNA. Modify the d

Describe all the physical effects on your body

You decide to climb Mt Everest and someone tells you it takes 2-months. Estimate the number of times you would stop and explain why you need to acclimatize. Describe all the p


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