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What evidence of ‘eco-citizenship' do you find in your everyday life? Do you think that ‘eco-modernization project' that Hobson (2006) highlights has been successfully permeating and spreading in our community? - e.g. GreenHome Programme in NSW

Question 2

Eco-citizen World Map Project states...
"75% of the citizens consume very high environmental resources. If the rest of the Earth holders consume with the same amounts, Earth will not fulfill their demands, they'll need 3 or more Earth planets to consume"
Would you classify yourself as an eco-citizen or "75%" who consume "very high environmental resources"? How often and to what extent do

you prioritize ecological concerns in your daily consumption of products/services?

Question 3

What will be the most difficult challenge for you to become an 'eco-citizen' and/or sustain your consumption of ‘eco-efficient' products/services? E.g. - a solar hot water service, using compact fluorescent bulbs, etc.

[Hobson (2006) suggests that promoting ‘Techno-ethics' and increasing the use of ‘eco-efficient technologies', may require sacrifice of convenience, change of habitual behaviours, and proactive, yet, self-motivated attitudes.]

Reference no: EM13935755

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