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Describe either a successful or an unsuccessful information systems project (either a project that you know about personally from work, or one that you learned about by researching news accounts of IS projects on the Web). What factors contributed to this project being a success or a failure? What were the major feasibility issues for the project?

Reference no: EM1321316

Define the scope of your project and a key challenge

Describe a project (either at work or at home) that you believe would benefit from the use of MS Project. In describing your project, define the scope of your project and a ke

Project life cycle passes through four stages

The project life cycle typically passes through four stages: definition, planning, execution, and delivery. Do situations exist in which projects may not pass through each o

Cumulative and a noncumulative quantity discount

If you worked for a manufacturing firm located in Oregon and shipped merchandise all over the United States, which would be more advantageous, a zone or a uniform delivered

Compute the coefficient of correlation

1) Find the least squares regression line by identifying the appropriate dependent and independent variable 2) Compute the coefficient of correlation and coefficient of determ

Discuss various types of communications you will need to use

Discuss various types of communications you will need to use on the project, what stakeholder(s) each type would address and the frequency of each communication type. You m

Explain product characteristics and deliverables

Document the requirements based on the information provided and assumptions that you have made, including a requirements traceability matrix. Describe product characteristic

How did the experience of completing a ppdp

How did the experience of completing a PPDP make you think about your goals differently and what did the readings and Shared Activities contribute to your thinking about your

Computing ocf for project

The project is estimated to generate $3,100,000 in annual sales, with costs of $990,000. If the tax rate is 35%, what is the OCF for this project?


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