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1. Managing Human Resources

An important element in managing a complex project is knowing how to manage your most valuable asset: your human resources. Successful companies realize that human resource management is the key to the success of the projects. Discuss the methods used in your company for motivating and developing teams.

2. Conflict Management

A project manager often has to use different ways to address the conflicts amongst the team members. Share your experiences of team conflicts and the methods used by you or your project manager to resolve the conflicts. Suggest if there were better approaches which could have been used for resolving the conflicts.

Reference no: EM132184570

Calculate the total annual cost incurred for the economic

Apply the economic order quantity formula to the data in Example 2-2 on Page 35 in the textbook, and reproduce the answer of 2,828 units. Also, calculate the total annual co

Describe project schedule and budget

A project plan cannot be considered complete until the resources have been assigned (including budget and cost estimate). You will assign the resources required to work on y

Makes the part instead of buying it from the supplier

X Company currently buys 6,500 units of a component part each year from a supplier for $7.70 each, but it is considering making the part instead. In order to make the part, X

Proactive action that may help close current and future gaps

Janson Engineering has found it difficult to recruit experienced project managers to lead its many projects. Which of the following would be a proactive action that may help c

Why is it important to have codified law

Why is it important to have codified law? What does the law mean to you? What problems can result from a society without law? Choose a local, state, or federal law that you fi

Part of the minimum requirements for listening

Which of the following is NOT part of the minimum requirements for listening? a. try to anticipate what the customer needs as you listen b. hold your fire c. work at listening

Explain the ritz-carlton philosophy

Explain the Ritz-Carlton philosophy of selecting employees to build their capabilities for pro cient strategy execution. How did the Ritz-Carlton get the “right kind” of emplo

Evaluate the importance of measuring training effectiveness

Evaluate the importance of measuring training effectiveness on performance and in terms of return on investment (ROI). Share an example of how you would measure training effec


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