Substitution industrialization development strategy

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Analyze and explain the statement below in 300 - 350 words.

"Both economic theory and history suggest that less-developed countries that open their economies to international trade and capital flows will grow faster and reduce poverty quicker than those opting for an import substitution industrialization development strategy."

Reference no: EM131179309

Normal project approval process

1.Is it customary for companies to allow executives to have pet or secret projects that do not follow the normal project approval process? 2. If the project was proved failu

What role did ngos play in the kimberley process

A.) What role did NGOs play in the Kimberley Process? B.) How did the idea of corporate social responsibility (CSR) help push the diamond industry to take the conflict diamo

Determining objective and the scope of communication plan

determining the objective and the scope of communication plan for the launch of the product; determining the organisation's various formal and informal communication channel

Explain teams position on whether leaders are born or made

Defend the team's position on whether leaders are born or made. Justify the team's position using relevant research. Apply leadership theory to the team's position. (4 SLIDES)

Question based on public relations

Assume that you are the senior VP of marketing and communications for a medium sized producer headquartered in your city. Your firm is bidding on a major contract in an Asian

The goals of a successful training guide

Training guide - Your management team has been retained by a senior manager who is concerned about the effectiveness of his managers and their teams.

Adopt an electronic health record system

What would happen if all healthcare organizations were required to adopt an electronic health record system? How would this affect efficiency, privacy, data storage, ease o

Give a specific example of a policy or regulation

How do government policies and/or regulations factor into changes in economic activity on both a domestic and global scale? Give a specific example of a policy or regulation t


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