Substantive due process

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Explain why the Fourth Amendment applies to the use of force by a police officer, and how the “reasonableness” standard compares to a “substantive due process” approach

Reference no: EM13329782

Animal dentify if the topic-outsourcing and media violence

Animal dentify if the topic-Outsourcing and media violence. Identify if the topic you chose, as presented by both articles, is a problem or an issue and explain what makes it

Discuss same-sex marriage in california

Discuss same-sex marriage in California with a focus on the state's Proposition 8 (2008). In your essay, analyze how the issue has developed in the state since 2000, when th

Explain jurisdiction to create and enforce criminal law

Identify and explain jurisdiction to create and enforce criminal law. Discuss the adversarial system and standards of proof in criminal cases. Discuss and differentiate the co

How personality theories are relevant your own goal

Select one of the eight perspectives/approaches to personality development that you find to be in alignment with your own thoughts and opinions. Explain the basics of this p

External quality management organization

Does participation in state or local quality management organizations continue to add value to an organization? Does this participation affect the line worker? In what way?

How is the measure of beck depression inventory used

How is the measure of Beck Depression Inventory used? Who is qualified to administer and interpret the measure and the settings? What are some differences between the popula

What public agency do you believe is effectively managed

What Public Agency do you believe is efficent and effectively managed and can you present a case why you believe it is? Connect to one organizational theory & provide exampl

Research ways of reducing air pollution

You have been assigned to a scientific commission whose mandate is to research ways of reducing air pollution from motor vehicles. Your specific assignment is to research th


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