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1. A(n) ____ is the collection of individuals responsible for the overall planning and development of the contingency planning process, including the organization of subordinate teams and oversight of subordinate plans.

2. A(n) ____ is a commonly used technique for collecting information directly from the end users and business managers.

3. A(n) ____ is the long-term storage of a document or data file, usually for legal or regulatory purposes.

4. The ____ is the point in time to which lost systems and data can be recovered after an outage as determined by the business unit.

5. The most common method of calculating business impact is to review financial reports and budgets.

A) True

B) False

6. ____ is a task performed by an organization or organizational subunit in support of the organization's overall mission.

7. ____ is used to understand the ways systems operate and to chart process flows and interdependency studies for both manual and automated systems.

8. The CP policy is the formal policy that will guide the efforts of the subordinate teams in developing their plans, and the overall operations of the organization during contingency operations.

A) True

B) False

9. The ____ is the period of time within which systems, applications, or functions must be recovered after an outage.

10. Among the most critical start-up tasks of the CPMT is aligning support.

A) True

B) False

Reference no: EM13808034

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