Study two recently discovered fish species
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You have been asked to study two recently discovered fish species, both found in waters off a small island. The two species are very similar in general structure, but there are two key differences between them. In species A, the males are brightly patterned with blue, red and purple scales, whereas the females are drab. In addition, the males are much larger than the females. In species B, the males and females are the same size, and both are a dull brown color that blends in with the sandy bottom. You've decided to do an in-depth study of these two species, but to get your research grant, you must first develop some hypotheses about what you will find. 

What differences in behavior do you predict? 
Where in the waters do you expect to find the two species ? 
Do you expect the number of the two species to change over time? 

After you write your hypotheses, outline 2 experiments that you might conduct to gather data.

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