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Checklists: Do a Google search to learn about 4 study strategies. You must use a minimum of 4 sources. The project is to make separate checklists for each of the 4 study skills you select. You are to list strategies that will help you improve your ability to succeed in college. The listed strategies must be meaningful suggestions. Each list should be on a separate page. List the source for the strategies. At the end of the strategies from one source, list the title of the source and the web site. You do not need to list the source after each individual strategy. 

The study strategies are: 1) textbook use; 2) note taking; 3) test taking; 4) test anxiety; 5) time management; 6) motivation; 7) improving concentration; and 8) procrastination. Choose 4 study skills that you need to improve. Of the 4 skills you have chosen, list your strongest study skill and find 5 new strategies to improve on your strength. Choose two other study skills that need some improvement. You will need to find 10 new strategies for each of these study skills. For your weakest study skill, you are to find 15 strategies to help you improve this skill.

Reference no: EM13207571

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