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Acting as a member of a college institutional review board (IRB) asked to approve a study on homeschooling, identify any ethical concerns you have. Write your concerns and make at least three suggestions to reduce the possibility of risk and harm to the participants.

Reference no: EM13497640

Six critical-thinking strategies for adjusting effectively

Six critical-thinking strategies for adjusting more effectively are described in this chapter. Select two of these and describe how you can use these strategies in everyday

Historical events impact adjustment

Historical events (for example, the Depression, World War II, the Civil Rights Movement, Vietnam War, September 11 terrorist attack) impact adjustment. Choose one historical

Describe the value of volunteering and community service

Describe the value of volunteering and community service and two ways that these activities benefit adolescents and emerging adults. Discuss your view of how self-esteem affec

Reduce anxiety by unconsciously distorting reality

Freud suggested that defense mechanisms reduce anxiety by unconsciously distorting reality. Discuss when defense mechanisms are healthy and when they are unhealthy. State wh

Drug treatment-nervous system-threat stimulation theory

What did the researchers conclude about drug treatment? In the nervous system, amphetamines change the way we feel, think, and act by: The typical dream is likely to include t

Describe the cortical areas and activations

Imagine you are walking down a street, past a construction site, and out of the corner of your eye you see a large metal object swinging in your direction. Almost immediately

Product-development strategies-diversification strategies

Think of a company that produces one product and sells it to one group of customers. Advise the entrepreneur on the many opportunities there are for growth --- opportunities

Compare them on general mood-happiness-depression

The television network you addressed in Week 4 is asking you to compare the moods of groups that watch different types of shows. You can choose what they mean by moods. You


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