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The task is to write a business plane about a Diet Shop located in Auckland, New Zealand




1.1 Terms of Reference

1.2 Procedure

2.0 Business  

2.1 Name and Description of your business


2.2 Location


2.3 Legal Business Structure


2.4 Slogan


2.5 Mission Statement


2.6 Industry (Describe the industry your business is in)


3.0 Product / Service


3.1 Description and Price for your product (Explain what you will charge for the product/service)


3.2 Product Source (Describe where the product comes from, and how it gets to the customer)


3.3 Demand (Explain why there is a demand for your product/service)


3.4 Product Comparison (Explain how the product/service compares with or is different from similar products/services.)



4.0 Market Analysis


4.1 Target Market 


4.2 Competition 


4.3 Market Trends 


4.4 Structure of market competition 


4.5 Barriers to entry


4.6 Risk analysisand timing of entry


4.7 Promotion 

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