Strawson on why determinism doesn’t matter

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Topic A. Strawson on Why Determinism Doesn’t Matter

In “Your Move”, Galen Strawson argues that it doesn’t matter whether the world is deterministic or not. “We can’t be ultimately morally responsible either way,” he claim. Why does he think this? Explain his argument in your own words and assess it. Is Strawson right about our ultimate moral responsibility or not?

This is the topic that I have decided to choose. Basically, this is my second time writing a philosophy paper. Thus, I am not sure on where to start. Yes, I have read the article.

Please help me with my outline and give me some ideas which i can use for my arguments. I haven't really choose on which side I am going to be on, but please give me help on assessing my argument.

Reference no: EM13158022

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