Strategy at southwest

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Strategy at Southwest

1. What business-level strategy does Southwest seem to be pursuing? Why?

2. What corporate-level strategies is Southwest pursuing? Why?

3. How do these strategies create value for the organization? For the customers?

Reference no: EM131411354

Adopt a global standardization strategy

In this age of globalization, some people argue that all industries are becoming global and that all firms need to adopt a global standardization strategy. Do you agree? Why o

What are principal components of a lean transformation

What is the Bullwhip effect and what are the principal causes as to why it occurs in a supply chain? What are the most important strategies that can mitigate its effects? Be

What differentiates supervisory positions

What differentiates supervisory positions from all other levels of management? 2 is the owner manager of a small store with three employees an operative employee a supervisor

Develop a control strategy for the project proposal

Develop a control strategy for the project proposal chosen by the team. Address the following components in the control strategy: Project evaluation, Project schedule and Budg

Has the medical center violated the antitrust laws

Clarice, a young woman with a mental disability, brought a malpractice suit against a doctor at the Medical Center. As a result, the Medical Center refused to treat her on a n

Recommendation for network

You have been hired by a small new web design firm to set up a network for its single office location. The network is primarily needed for exchanging files, accessing and mana

What major trends affecting health care delivery

What major trends affecting health care delivery will be important in the next 5 years? What are the most significant positive impacts of health care reform? What are likely t

Three advantages of offering team-based incentive pay plan

Jack Hopson has been making wood furniture for more than 10 years. He recently joined Metropolitan Furniture and has some ideas for Sally Boston, the company's CEO. Identify a


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