Strategy analyzes organizations using numerical techniques

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1. Developed during World War II, this strategy analyzes organizations using numerical techniques such as mathematical modeling and statistical analysis.

a) scientific management

b) systems thinking

c) total quality management

d) operations research

2. Joanna needs to decide whether to hire new employees in her shop for the summer. She creates a diagram to analyze salaries, product pricing, and profit margin. Joanna is using a model known as a ________.

a. rating assessment

b. decision tree

c. matrix

d. pros and cons analysis

Reference no: EM131400187

Describe the case briefly and describe the legal issue

Could someone help me find an example of a breach of contract case or some other contract dispute? Describe the case briefly and describe the legal issue. What ethical issue

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Most of what is written about leadership has been written by western scholars and practitioners—mostly from the United States. These perceptions can vary across cultures, and

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Formulate this problem as transportation problem

Suppose that country A, country B and country C produce all the apples, bananas and oranges inthe world. The world’s demand for apples requires 90 million acres of land devote

The resulting balance in the inventory master file

An inventory application calls for the weekly updating, or posting, of the merchandise inventory master file from the purchases transaction file and the sales transaction file

Covered under the american disabilities act

How can you be covered under the American Disabilities Act (ADA), even if you do not have a disability? Provide an example. When and how did this change in coverage occur?

What is the advantage of available to promise logic

What 5 elements does the master schedule provide? What does the bill of materials provide? What are master production schedules (MPS)? What is the advantage of available to pr

Describe conflict causes in organizations

What causes conflict in organizations? Many of the organizational behavior topics that have been addressed in the class thus far include the opportunity for conflict to emerge


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