Strategies to manage gender in the workforce

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Choose what you think is one of the most important strategies to manage gender in the workforce that you learned in this module. In your 1-page journal reflection, explain why this strategy is important and how it can help you manage a diverse workforce.

Reference no: EM13738154

Reading about the culture of country

Choose a country that you have not lived in, nor spent more than a week in. Find at least three book sources and at least seven sources in all and begin reading about the cu

New division of the existing business

Develop the strategic objectives for your new division of the existing business in a balanced scorecard format in the context of key trends, assumptions, and risks.The strat

How personally evaluate leadership effectiveness

Bring to mind specific instances in which a leader has had a powerful impact on you. These leadership examples may be ones that you consider unsuccessful, as well as those tha

Cognition and cognitive development

Kuhn (2000) wrote that "to study memories is to study much of ...cognition and cognitive development." Explain this statement, using examples of the factors which contribute

Black-scholes options pricing model

The Black-Scholes Options Pricing Model has been criticized based on underlying assumptions related to stock price fluctuations that may not be relevant in today's marketpla

Relationship in marketing ethics-organizational performance

What is the relationship between marketing ethics and organizational performance? What are the elements of a strong ethical compliance program to support responsible marketing

Presentation on the state of the union

As senior members of the human resources team, you have been asked to give a presentation on the state of the union to the board of directors. The presentation must include

Describe the forces that affect workplace and learning

In your own words, describe the forces that affect workplace and learning. Use an example of these forces NOT found in your textbook. Identify and summarize five models used t


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