Strategies of risk avoidance

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Contribute in the forum by revisiting the unit 2 activity (mentioned below): produce a ‘top ten' risk list; and consider the 4 strategies of Risk avoidance; Risk acceptance; Risk transference; Risk mitigation and develop controls for the top 10 risks

You need to choose 10 most risk and classified as per above task

Some of the risks involved in a wedding project:-

Wedding organizer:

The Budget:

Suitable day for the wedding ceremony

Selection of the wedding hall that has suitable location and size to accommodate the guests

Transportation & Hotel arrangement

Unexpected guest

Rain or storm

Power issue

Fire issues


Management of event team members


Quality of the food

Drinks and other related issues

Last minute programs


Availability, right quantity, right quality


Availability, quality

Wedding location


Overnight location guests (if required)


Right quantity & quality (if needed)



Break up


If wedding takes place outside

Availability of wedding location

Reachability of location

Sickness of certain people

e.g. best man, bridesmaids

Bride / Groom clothes & wedding rings

Problems with quality

Ready on time


Is there enough for unforeseen situations

Number of guests

More / Less can affect money, location, etc...

Facilitation during the day

Availability, right quantity

Wedding reportage

Availability of photographer

Availability location (could depend on weather)

Putting the wedding of (nerves, etc..)

Obvious risk

Unexpected rain storm

Power failure

Invited guest cancel last minute

Vehicle accidents

Fire or accidents


Uninvited guests



Unexpected expenses

Legal cost

Last minute arrangements

Food contamination

Wedding Day

Overflow of guests

shortage of food

Shortage of seating arrangements

Bad weather/rain

electricity failure

transport/car rentals not on time


Invitation card printing error

Missing guests to invite

Financial constraints

non availability of hotels/rooms or required services in desired timeframe

non availability of size of dresses and jewelry designs

Sufficient budget vs Actual anticipated cost & expenses

Selection of the wedding Hall

Number of expected Guests

Sufficient Banquets

Event's Organizer

Transportation arrangement

Salon Arrangement

Hotel arrangement

Party singer

Honeymoon arrangement

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Reference no: EM13851941

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