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Outline for a scientific project description (research proposal with a model) - 5 pages (2000-2500words)



Problem statement/research question(s)


-          Significance to knowledge/research

-          Significance to society/practice


Literature review

Previous research

Highlight important findings and unanswered questions (gaps)

Relate unanswered questions (and how they inter-connect) to research question(s)


What is your general approach/research design?

Which data and how to get them?

Specific technique(s) used to analyze data

Plan for interpreting the results (how they are expected to answer your RQ)

(Budget not relevant, don't do this!)

Model is needed to explain the variables... 

Expected results

Explain how the outcome of your study relates to theory and RQ (restate/sum up) 


Note that the outline of your project description is almost identical to a standard

research paper. You may choose to do a bit differently - but your project description

should cover the above mentioned areas.

Course literature:

Fowler, Floyd. J. (2009.). Survey research method. (4th ed.). SAGE. [ISBN 9781452230184, 216 pages]

Pallant, Julie (2010). SPSS survival manual: a step by step guide to data analysis using SPSS. McGraw-Hil. [ISBN 978-0-335-24240-5, 352 pages]

Van de Ven, Andrew. H. (2007). Engaged scholarship :a guide for organizational and social research. Oxford University Press. [ISBN 9780199226306, 352 pages]

Wrench, Jason S. (red) (2013). Quantitative research methods for communication: a hands-on approach. (2. ed.). Oxford University Press. Chapters 4 -10, 13-21 [ISBN 9780199931804, 400 pages]

An article compendium on research design and survery method is added to the literature list (approx 100 pages).

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Abstract Many creators have kept up that vital administration of human asset specifically connected to authoritative execution. In any case, in spite of the expanding prominence of SMHR; there have been not very many methodical assessments of the cases that it is connected to execution and questions stay as to its hypothetical establishments. Along these lines, the reason for this examination is to look at the effect of SMHR usage on the hierarchical execution. Experimental information will be gathered from Telecommunication firms by means of survey. Problem Statement Strategic Management of Human Resource (SMHR) is seeking for the importance of concept of the effective functioning for an industry. Thus, various authors maintained that the SMHR is linked straightly to the performance of an organization. The major issue can be explained as:

Reference no: EM131321310

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