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Strategic issue of business-

A. Introduction: Issue and Cause Summarized
B. Analysis (Analytical Framework & Data)
C. Decision Criteria
D. Alternatives
E. Solution
F. Justification for Choice of Solution and Not Others
G. So What?
H. References

Please embed video, sound, online references, pictures, graphs, screen captures etc., into your MS Powerpoint slides. Please hand in a hard copy of your presentation at the start of the class within which you present.

About Decision Criteria

An important aspect of the case analysis process is providing a justification for the choice of alternative solutions as well as connecting Defining ‘Decision Criteria'

Decision criteria for multimedia teaching cases can be defined in numerous ways. These include:

• Guidelines by which to judge the alternatives
• How to decide which is the best solution among the alternatives
• How uncertainty and doubt are reduced so that a reasonable choice can be made among alternatives
• A standard, rule, or test on which a judgment or decision can be based.
• The basis for comparison among alternatives
• The ideal in terms of which something can be judged
• Specific measures used to determine the best choice among alternatives
• A gauge, norm or yardstick
Generating Selection Criteria:

Generating a list of expected benefits that would be achieved by resolving the issue at hand is one way to create selection criteria. The expected benefits are then grouped based on underlying themes.

Common Qualitative and Quantitative Examples of Decision Criteria:

Qualitative: competitive advantage, customer satisfaction, employee morale, corporate image, ease of implementation, synergy, ethics, visibility, safety, visual appeal, obsolescence, cultural sensitivity, motivation, goodwill, environmental impact, flexibility, within present resources and capabilities, consistent with corporate strategy , successful, efficient, new, coherent.

Quantitative: profit, cost, return on investment, market share, capacity, delivery time, risk, cash flow, inventory turnover, productivity, staff turnover, quality, growth rate quantity

Key decision criteria should be:

• Important to the organization making the decision
• Brief, preferably in point form
• Measurable, at least to the point of comparison, such as alternative A will reduce expenses more that alternative B
• Be related to the issue and alternatives

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Reference no: EM13848908

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