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Strategy & Resiliency:

Strategic Initiatives at Various Levels Within U.S. Homeland Security:

Activity Interactions:

Federal Activities Compared to State & Local Levels:

Justifying Success or Room for Improvements:



Assume that you are preparing a lecture for junior members of the Department of Homeland Security. Your task as a senior staff member is to acquaint the junior members with the concepts of strategy and tactics as they relate to homeland security in order to simplify national security discussions with other members of the government. Prepare a staff memo where you address the following:

  • Determine and illustrate the differences in the terms strategy and tactics.
  • Explain how these differences apply to ongoing strategic initiatives that have been undertaken at the federal, state, and local levels within the field of homeland security.
  • Assess the level of activity interactions from the federal level with those at the state and local levels.
  • Discuss how well the federal activities mesh with those at the state and local levels.
  • Justify the reasons for the success or lack of success in these interactions.Support your paper with a minimum of five scholarly resources. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources, including older articles, may be included.Length: 5-7 pages, not including title and reference pages

Reference no: EM131340424

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