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List 3 strategic goals for Ted's business and provide an explanation of each.

Identify 5 specific types or categories of information that Ted needs to run his business and explain why they are important to him.

Identify and explain three business processes that Ted likely uses in his business and explain how a technology solution could help each one of them.

Ted has a website with information about his stores. Identify and explain two additional ways Ted could use the internet in his business. Tie each use to a specific e-commerce business model and explain how that model applies.

Explain to Ted what a supply chain management (SCM) system could do for his business and how it might improve his operations. Be sure to cover the full range of SCM functionality as it applies to Old Dominion Trail Bikes.

How could Ted combine the information he gets from in-store customers with those who purchase via the website into a single Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and what three benefits would he gain from doing so?

Ted would like to increase repair work and rentals as they are the highest profit aspects of his business and the Internet is not a competitor. What are three specific ways he could use technology to accomplish this?

Monitor customer preventive maintenance and repair work and offer special maintenance programs and rates to previous customers. Ted is not sure if he should implement an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. Identify and explain three benefits to an ERP for Old Dominion Trail Bikes. Identify and explain two important considerations in implementing an ERP.



If Ted implements an ERP for Old Dominion Trail Bikes, he will need to know whether the project was a success. List and explain three metrics (or measures) he can use to determine whether the project was a success.

Since neither Ted nor anyone on his staff has any experience with information technology, list and explain five things he should consider or address as he proceeds with his IT projects.

Reference no: EM13751448

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