Strategic estimating

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Strategic Estimating

Your family asks you to become President of your family owned construction and CM organization. You have $90 million in annual revenues and you want to grow by 20% per year.

Your first task is to reorganize and do estimating with a new estimating department. (previously project managers did the estimating).

What is your approach? Consider, who and how many you hire; experience; skill sets and personal characteristics.

Reference no: EM131282850

What would the effect of the illegal agreement be

To be enforceable, contracts must have legal subject matter and must be able to be performed legally. They cannot violate either state or federal law. A contract overturned fo

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How is internal assessment useful for more than just evaluating employees for other positions in the company? What advise would you give the CEO and which methods would you su

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Plans that are designed to help increase efficiency by increasing the productivity of the company’s employees and/or lowering the firm’s labor costs is known as: When consider

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The supervisor at the American airline check-in counter observes the following process characteristics: all the agents can, together, complete checking in 90 customers per hou

Having separate payroll departments in each division

Having separate payroll departments in each division of a divisional structure is an example of which of the following? Efficiency, because payroll departments compete.

Example of ethical situation-outsourcing jobs

Compensation and benefits is often a deciding factor for many companies for those considering outsourcing jobs. Give an example of an ethical situation that may arise while ou

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In the first discussion, we looked at traditional project control. Is project control different in an Agile project? What is the role of a project manager in controlling an Ag

Human resource manager for service organization

Students are to assume that they are a human resource manager for a service organization. The boss would like the human resource manager to communicate to employees the value


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