Strategic diversity management through human resources

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Strategic Diversity Management through Human Resources

Managing diversity through human resources management entails recognizing the seen and unseen ways people differ. What this proposal will discuss is the framework to develop HRM strategies for organization, for instance: women and minorities in the workplace diversity is a practice of some corporations in trying to facilitate better talent identification; however, many HRM managers are in agreement that the combined effects of gender and racial diversity have received little attention. The best practices and competencies for implementing diversity and identifying methods for developing women and minorities as successors for key positions is the improvement in strategy, leadership, planning, development, and program management processes are suggested. The methodology involved in diversity and succession planning. Greer and Virick (2008) HRM strategies requires information provided in literatures and interviews of numerous human resources professionals from a diverse range of industries. Future research in diversity implementation is continuous. The fact remains that there is an unequaled amount of women and minorities in key position in the U.S., diversity will continue to be an issue.

Diverse succession planning is a sensitive area. Greer and Virick (2008) states that "those organizations that excel at managing diversity will need to be creative in developing programs that reduce the negative side effects of special programs for women and minorities." (p. 364). Such programs are needed so this process can begin to equalize the playing field for women and minorities in gaining key positions in major corporations. Diversity has gone from a moral or legal issue into an industry necessity. As society moves further along in the 21st century, (U.S. Dept. Labor, 2010). Competing globally is imperative in today's society. A study by the Hudson Institute for the U.S. Department of Labor (U.S. Dept. Labor, 2010) discovered that 85% of the new employees into the workforce in the next decade will be women, minorities, and immigrants. To be successful and competitive in the future, utilizing these human resources management strategies and participating in these diversity trends is key to employee sustainability.

Reference no: EM1341699

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