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1. Which of the following are the primary functions of all organizations?

a. production/operations, marketing, and human resources

b. marketing, human resources, and finance/accounting

c. sales, quality control, and production/operations,

d. marketing, production/operations, and finance/accounting

e. research and development, finance/accounting, and purchasing

2. According to the authors, which of the following strategic concepts allow firms to achieve their missions?

a. productivity, efficiency, and quality leadership

b. differentiation, cost leadership, and quick response

c. differentiation, quality leadership, and quick response

d. distinctive competency, cost leadership, and experience

e. differentiation, distinctive competency, quality leadership, and capacity

3. The phases of project management are

a. planning, scheduling, and controlling

b. planning, programming, and budgeting

c. planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling

d. different for manufacturing projects than for service projects


4. Forecasts

a. become more accurate with longer time horizons

b. are rarely perfect

c. are more accurate for individual items than for groups of items

d. all of the above


e. none of the above

Reference no: EM13856978

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